2017 Sea of flowers in Xinshe



Visiting Xinshe Flower Sea Festival along Provincial Highway No. 3

“Xinshe Flower Sea Festival” which stimulates the development of leisure agriculture in Central Taiwan and increases the reputation of agricultural products in the market is the most exciting activity in the mountain area of Taichung that people long for every year. It is also the highly organized and most popular LOHAS leisure activity in Taiwan. Started in 2006, this activity, which continuously accumulates a variety of knowledge to promote special agricultural products in Taichung and leisure agriculture tourism as the main themes, can attract a great amount of visitors to come and enjoy every year.

In order to implement the development of local industry with an aim of industrialization and sustainable management, this activity will be considered together with the policy of establishing “Hakka Romantic Avenue” on a provincial highway and also integrated with the resources from the central authority, the local government, the offices in the mountain area, farmers’ associations, and leisure agricultural areas to promote the flower sea festival to rural communities and recreate a new look of rural village. Therefore, the sixth industrialization can be attained and some problems like inconvenient transportation and environmental impact can be solved or reduced.

The year, the exhibition area of the festival is about 15 hectares. It is divided into two subjects, “a wallpaper of nature” and “the edible scenery,” and a new creative image is used for the organization of the whole area. The “theme area” is about 3 hectares, which contains a three-dimensional green carving “guest area for vegetables and fruits” decorated with typical fruits in the communities, a “garden of happiness” decorated with a group of magpies and orchids, and a “new paradise of mushroom” decorated with special mushrooms from Xinshe. This area aims at showing happiness in this flower sea festival, creating an image of visiting the romantic avenue on a provincial highway, and attracting a lot of visitors by the flower sea and the flower wall. The “flower exhibition area” is about 10 hectares, which is sowed with massive seeds of plants like cosmos in different colors, zinnia, buckwheat, sunflower, and sun hemp. A “delicate area” is about 2 hectares, and it is organized beside the “main exhibition area.” It is a colorful and fantastic tiny area decorated as a chessboard.

Entering the twelfth year, Xinshe Flower Sea Festival this year still focuses on the exhibition of the flower sea as the subject, and displays the floral design and performance as the core of the main exhibition area. In accordance with the rural regeneration policy of Executive Yuan, we plan to activate local industries related to agriculture by combining agricultural production, a scenic view, a natural ecosystem, and the cultural heritage together. We also guide and integrate special industries as a promotion to stimulate the development of rural communities. A new look of rural village can be seen while visiting the mountain areas in Central Taiwan “along Provincial Highway No. 3.” By following these rules, “slow living, slow eating, and slow traveling,” visitors are able to experience leisure agricultural areas there and see the most beautiful mountain city.



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